Actor Model Portfolio For David Vann

Actor Model Portfolio For David Vann

David debated for months to have his portrait done and loved our work the best during his search. Actor Model Portfolio for David Vann are examples of how to be visually captivating and yet tell the story clearly in the overworked genre of the actor headshot .

The character and quality of actor headshots has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. This has been due to many factors including primarily, the recession. The recession that started in 2008 has caused job cuts and cuts to funding in the arts impoverishing many in the acting community. It has also inspired thousands of hobbyists with digital cameras to try and make some extra money by promoting themselves as professional photographers.

Also contributing to the decline in headshot quality has been the growing demand for talent due to the multiplication of TV channels, on line video, and the explosion of the new film-making community made possible by the low cost / high quality video that can now be captured by DSLRs.

This talent demand has stimulated the need for headshots so intensely that the call for quality has been largely silenced. Those trying to find talent for the production they are casting are fine with snap shots from iphones. “Just get the images to us as fast and clear as possible”, is what a lot of aspiring actors are now hearing.

The real pros in the acting community however, tend to eschew the non-professional headshot in favor of something more polished and professional. In fact, the professional headshot has lately become, once again, the calling card of serious actors. This is especially true of the studio headshot.

Location headshots for actors became the rage during the recession since most of the new wave of photographers had no studios and lacked the technique, knowledge, and money to invest in and utilize pro studio lighting equipment. After a long history of studio headshots the change, when it occured, was like a breath of fresh air. It was usually possible to capture an interesting headshot on location with a little skill in composition and a good digital camera.

Finally after millions of brick wall backgrounds, back yards, back alley ways, and cluttered bedrooms appearing over and over again in actor headshots…it’s finally no longer cool. It’s just cheap and unprofessional.

So back to the studio especially in the freeze of winter and let’s create something interesting with professional studio lighting. Yes, sure we can go outside if you like. No problem. But good studio images have a special feel and once again, when done well, seem new and special.

High performance images for the performing arts. That’s what we’re about at Church Street Studios LLC in Old City Philadelphia.