Advertising for the Legal Profession, The Rostocki Law Firm LLC


Legal practices, from single attorney shops to national firms, have always had a reputation among photographers and designers as being least likely to care about the visual sophistication and aesthetic appeal of their marketing tools.

Clearly the practice of law is a profession that rests solidly on a foundation of concepts and reputation rather than appearance. It is not surprising that marketing strategies for the legal profession rarely focused on the visuals.

Times have changed. Over the last few years, with the rising tide of social media marketing, my corporate clients in the legal profession have begun to appreciate and expect the images of their attorneys to look awesome. It is now not unusual for the larger firms to want makeup artists at the photo session. Retouching faces has become a major part of post production.

In order to deliver top quality images for the legal profession today, a photographer also needs to function as a creative consultant. Photographers need to understand that  different types of legal practice call for different kinds of images to maximize marketing effectiveness. Family Law practitioners benefit from warm and smiling faces. Litigators in civil cases can look tough and persuasive. Attorneys in business law are comfortable appearing friendly but formal. Tax attorneys are more appealing if they look serious, focused, and compassionate. Patent attorneys need to look super smart, and maybe a little geeky.

These kinds of considerations serve as a kind of stylistic overlay to enhance the individual nature of the person being photographed for web site and social media purposes. The individual’s personality must still shine through. The best result is a blend of marketing “savoir faire” with the kind of self-image that the client is most comfortable with.

Dominik Rostocki, Esquire, is the founding attorney of The Rostocki Law Firm, LLC.  He tries cases in several states, along with a number of Federal districts. Mr. Rostocki has obtained multi-million dollar recoveries for some of his clients, and is known for his creativity and highly effective litigation style. Mr. Rostocki has been named a “Rising Star” in the legal field by the national legal publication, Superlawyers, a distinction given to only the top 2.5% of young lawyers.

When it came to images for his marketing campaign, Dominik wanted something beyond a well conceived head shot. He wanted to show that he was a man of action. A person that went on location himself to gather information for his cases. An attorney that was a friend of the people, who could relate to the blue collar worker as well as the white collar professional.

It was very enjoyable working with Dominik. He is psyched for success.

You can read more about the Rostocki Law Firm at – Dominik can be reached at 877-239-6528