Architectural Photography for Berkeley Capital Advisors

Architectural Photography for Berkeley Capital Advisors was an assignment to capture the best descriptive looks of the Bank of America building with condos above for sales and leasing purposes.

I began my career years ago with architectural photography of exteriors and interiors. I find it a very interesting and contemplative form of photography that lets me think carefully about the geometry and the aesthetics of a building and then calculate the best approaches.

The building had some interesting details and difficulties. On the first floor was a  Bank of America branch with very modern logo and signage. Above was a level of condos that had a kind of southern Bourbon Street Mardi Gras feel. The difficulties had to do with trees hiding most of the southern facade, and the fact that the street was on a incline creating weird perspective issues.

It was an awesome summer day and the photo shoot went well. They were delighted with the descriptive detail and the close up beauty shots. There used to be a big demand for this type of photography. Now only the large companies are willing to hire a pro when the stakes are high. For the most part the realtors today bungle along with their point and shoot cameras creating the kind of perspectives that remind me of the mirrors in the fun houses of the amusement parks years ago.