Behind the Scenes At Church Street Studios DAK Video Project

Behind the Scenes Video Project for DAK Financial Advisors

It was really exciting working on our latest video project for DAK

Financial Advisors with Bob Warkulwiz of Warkulwiz Design. Bob has been

in the Advertising Design business for over 35 years and teaches at

Drexel and Temple Universities. His way of thinking on the set is

incisive and creative…and he has a good sense of humor.


That’s one of the ways that having our own studio pays off. At Church Street Studios

in Old City Philadelphia, we have the equipment in place. We can more

efficiently actualize a production because we have the tools it takes to

make it happen.


Not having to rent a space, transport equipment, assemble and break down

every time we shoot, frees us up to pay attention to the things that

really matter, like the lighting, diction, expression, sound quality,

color balance, and the comfort of the speaker. In the area of commercial

videography and video production, the efficiency that comes with owning

our own studio, allows the Church Street Studios team to work more

effectively on projects that require a studio environment. We turn on

the lights, lower the green screen, gather the folks on the set, and get

the job done in the most cost effective way. — at Church Street Studios LLC.