Business Portfolio – Real Estate

Business Portfolio Real Estate is a business portfolio for Jeanette Wakefield, a Coldwell Banker Preferred real estate agent. Real estate agents benefit greatly from images that portray their natural friendliness and business demeanor. Real estate is the kind of business that is very personal and involves a lot of face to face contact and very good people skills. With businesses like this, whenever a potential client is able to gain a sense of who they will be interacting with ahead of time,  it serves to lower the anxiety level of that initial meeting, and consequently helps to dispel the resistance to finally scheduling that first business appointment.

At Church Street Studios, we try to make our real estate business clients look as appealing as possible. Granted that was not difficult with Jeanette, who is very charming and bright, and naturally inspires confidence in her ability to navigate the world of Philadelphia real estate to the best interests of her clients.

Business people in general tend to underestimate the importance of having excellent images that portray their best qualities for presentation on business web sites and social media sites. It makes a huge difference. The smartest entrepreneurs are clear about this. They also know that choosing the right photographer is critical. Look for photographers who have a long track record of excellent image making as well as a real studio. There are so many inexperienced photographers that SEO their way into the google searches that  finding someone you can be confident in takes careful consideration. But remember, your career will be profoundly effected by your virtual presence. Careful consideration is certainly worth it when you choose your image maker.