Casting Photos for Twins Khairi and Malik

Casting Photos for Twins Khairi and Malik were taken at Church Street Studios LLc in Old City Philadelphia. Khairi and Malik are identical twins, and both talented actors. The boys are not very difficult to tell apart even though they are identical twins, because their expressions and dispositions are slightly different.

They are both very bright and alert and fun to work with. They have a chance at an upcoming Disney World Production and needed professional headshots that promoted them as twins.

Interestingly, even after just over 25 years in business, having photographed thousands of people, this is only the second time that I worked with identical twins. Clearly there are a lot of fun things you can do photographically with twins. However, they just needed one look of clothing so their father scheduled a basic session.  The amount of time I got to work with them was limited. Nevertheless we had a very enjoyable session and their parents, who were both on hand for the photo shoot, were delighted with the results.