Commercial Photography On Location For Small Businesses

Commercial Photography On Location For Small Businesses helps business entrepreneurs get started with their product web sites and social media marketing. Dan Lamott is a very successful entrepreneur and CEO of his company RoundCorner Inc. He recently won an award for his entrepreneurship and needed professional images for a presentation and for his new web site.

RoundCorner Inc. has gained recognition for a unique app that Dan developed himself. It helps non-profit organizations raise money. I suggested that he develop some money raising apps for the Photography Business 🙂

The amazing thing about Dan is that he is an avid surfer, super friendly and laid back, and certainly does not come off as a geek. In fact, the keeps his cool sometimes by playing with a ball of fake sand that reminds him of the beach. One of the images in this series of shots from our location photo session at the company headquarters in Villanova PA shows Dan with sand in hand.

According to Dan, the legacy of nonprofit technology providers has not evolved to accommodate the growing social, mobile and online disruption occurring right now in the industry. Despite their attempts to market themselves as open, social and mobile, they are really just offering the same-old technology that keeps your nonprofit from engaging constituents where, how and when they want to be connected to your cause.

Dan’s solution to this problem is built 100% on the world’s most innovative technology company’s platform, Salesforce. It has been conceived, designed and delivered in the cloud to enable a non-profit organization to fast-forward into the present and at the same time retain agility as their cause’s constituency needs change.