Economical Product Shots for Small Business

Economical Product Shots for Small Business is something we do well at Church Street Studios. Having our own studio with lights and equipment in place and photography sets already constructed, allows us to work efficiently and cost effectively to produce the kind of quality product images you need for your web site.

The portfolio displayed in “Economical Product Shots for Small Business” was for a young woman entrepreneur who wanted photos of her naturally herb scented oils. She also wanted images that indicated the many ways they could be used.

It was for her web site that was just completed, and as a start up, she was on a very limited budget. The job displayed in this portfolio was under $350.00.

At this particular point in the history of commercial photography, the vast majority of photographers have abandoned the idea of having their own studios and sometimes even of having their own lighting and camera equipment.

This trend began about 10 years ago when the cost of renting or owning a commercial space dramatically increased while the fees and day rates for commercial photography declined as the hoards of fresh photography grads and hobbyists hit the streets trying to make a living with their new digital cameras. When the “street photographers”  book a job they can not accommodate by shooting in their personal living space or on the street, they rent studio space along with any equipment they need for the specific shoot. The cost is past along to the client.

Church Street Studios LLC has been in existence on Church Street in Old City Philadelphia for over 25 years. We like having our own permanent studio space because it gives us a competitive edge. It also reassures our clients that we are serious about our profession and here for the long run.

If you are starting a retail business and have product that you need to display on your web site, call us. We will work with you to give you the best result at the best price point in the city.