Executive Head Shots For Kate’s Law Firm With Testimonial

Kate Sullivan thinks like a real professional when it comes to executive head shots for her law firm’ s web site. Kate gave us permission to post excerpts from her email correspondence with Church Street Studios to show how she handled it:


 I am writing to inquire about setting up an executive head shot (Session 1). I am an attorney who recently started at my law firm, and the firm has asked that I either supply them with a photo for my bio, or have a fellow employee take the photograph. I would obviously prefer a professional photograph. 

Joe Chielli took some professional head shots for me about five years ago that I absolutely loved. I would be thrilled if he could take new photographs for me for my new firm’s website. I am now down in Delaware, so I would really appreciate it if Joe could take my photograph on a Saturday or Sunday, if his schedule permits.”

“I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks, Kate Sullivan”

Of course I remembered Kate, and was happy to accommodate her need for a weekend appointment. The executive head shot session went well. It was a pleasure to see Kate again and hear about her  successful legal career. It was gratifying to receive Kate’s response the following week after she had time to review all the photos:


Thank you once again for accommodating me on Saturday. I absolutely love my photos and everyone I have shared them with agrees that I really cannot go wrong with any shot that I choose for the firm website. I think I may even love them more than the ones you took of me 5 years ago, and that’s really saying something. (Maybe I felt more comfortable this time around since I know how good your work is.)

Once again, thank you for the beautiful photos! I am thrilled to have them as my introduction to the new firm website. It makes me feel very confident. You have one very happy customer — well worth the trip back to Philly!

Thanks! Kate”

Kate understands that success and confidence go together. When you present your avatar image to the world wide web, make sure you feel confident about it. That’s what we’re here for at Church Street Studios LLC.