Executive Portraits Creative Style For MMS Education

Executive Portraits Creative Style For MMS Education was shot on location at their headquarters in Newtown PA. Executive portraits “creative style” means that the settings for the backgrounds are chosen carefully for each particular executive. It means that all the backgrounds look different, giving the portraits a more natural feeling, and if done right, a more interesting visual appeal.

MMS Education is a company that serves for-profit and not-for-profit organizations throughout the United States from their headquarters in Newtown, PA. They have a tremendous amount of proven experience developing and implementing innovative programs that yield measurable results, advancing their clients’ goals on time and on budget. They have the knowledge and resources to collaborate with a wide variety of education based initiatives, conceiving ideas and best practices for bringing visionary education-based programs to fruition.

The education market has been their singular focus since 1977. The company’s experience has grown over the years from producing films for clients, as well as helping them to develop supplemental materials. They know how to bring educational products and programs into schools and colleges, and help their clients reach and support the educators.

Watch their video to learn more about the companies mission, how it was started, and how they help their clients achieve their goals.

It was a pleasure working with everyone at MMS Education and Church Street Studios LLC wishes them the best of luck.

Visit them at http://www.mmseducation.com/

Joe Chielli / Church Street Studios LLC