Executive Portraits Environmental Style for “Synergy Hospitality Inc.”

Executive Portraits Environmental Style for “Synergy Hospitality Inc.”express the newest trend in the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is in transformation. At Church Street Studios, we key the style of our executive portraits to the nature of the industry. Social media has taken on new importance to the hospitality industry as you can see from the exerpt below. Hospitality is all about being warm and friendly in your environment. We created our portraits for “Synergy Hospitality Inc.” as environmental head shots. We shot in the lobby of the hotel, and fortunately, all the executives were just naturally warm and friendly 🙂

With social media such a key element of marketing, it’s no surprise that the industry is seeing a growing movement toward “social hospitality.”  What does this mean, exactly? It’s a practice put into play now that the majority of hotels are using social media in order to turn social dialogue into data! Hotels are increasingly seeking out technologies and tools that allow them to measure and manage social activity for their reputation management.

The stats on social media:

  • More than 90% of hotels actively use Facebook
  • Approximately 78% of hotels use Twitter
  • Pinterest is the third most popular sharing channel among social media users
  • Instagram is one of the fastest growing marketing tools for hotel chains because 60 percent of its user base comes from outside the United States
  • Sixty-three percent of Facebook users, 57% of Instagram users, and 46% of Twitter users are daily visitors of each site

The growing popularity of these social media channels has presented the hospitality industry with unique, new challenges and opportunities.  While the myriad of online platforms give hoteliers a direct window into what guests are seeing, saying, and feeling about their properties, they also must be prepared to respond to posts across channels quickly and effectively, or risk viral customer complaints.

Naturally the photos you use to market your hospitality business are critical. Don’t make the mistake of building a great web site and creating a social media marketing plan with second rate photography. Make sure the photographers you hire are experienced professionals that know the nature of your business.