Fashion Model Portfolio for Jamia

Fashion Model Portfolio for Jamia was photographed at Church Street Studios. Jamia lives in Philadelphia and is just starting out as a model and interested in finding a good agency. I recommended the major model agencies in Philadelphia area that I have known and worked with for years, MMA, Reinhard, & Expressions.

Jamia has great enthousiasm, a lot of creative ideas in front of the camera, especially for someone just getting started, and mile long legs.

Many people think that modeling is easy. It actually takes practice and creativity. The first thing is to understand how to use the body in a way that is graphically interesting from the point of view of line, shape, and negative space. The way one learns this is practice in the mirror, but the best way is by shooting with an experienced fashion model portfolio photographer that understands the art of physical form in the service of apparel display. Then one must study the results of every session and learn what poses work the best in terms of grace and proportion.

Once a model learns the classic beauty poses, then breaking the rules in pursuit of some of the more non traditional and bizarre ways of presenting the human form can be experimented with.

The problem is that most new photographers and models are immediately drawn to the bizarre in an attempt to shock the viewer into paying attention. Shocking images, that are sometimes brutal and visually disgusting, abound in today’s world, as classic beauty, arising out of harmony and balance, recedes into the wings of the past.

I have always found the quest for classic beauty the higher ground. It is unfortunate that the human psyche is most mechanically drawn to the negative, to what is wrong, to what is fearful and disturbing. Neuroscience tells us that this tendency was an evolutionary development that was helpful in defending against danger. The attention gets pulled to what is wrong and potentially threatening.  Art and Advertising, in fact the overwhelming majority of media in the modern technocratic societies, are addicted to this quick fix for drawing and holding our poor deficit syndrome attention.  As a result, the entire culture has entered a vortex of  growing nihilism.

Beauty is the antidote. However, it is difficult to see and hear. It does not scream…it whispers to the deepest, most profoundly human aspect of our being…and so it gets lost in our rattled minds so bloated with useless information.