Fashion Model Portfolio for Kathryn

Fashion Model Portfolio for Kathryn was the first step in Kathryn’s exploration of the fashion modeling world, and her first model portfolio shoot. Kathryn is an artist in essence. She plays 6 musical instruments and is interested in all aspects of art and design. I really enjoy working with new models because it gives me a chance to teach. I try to explain some of the basic poses and also the idea of the graphic design nature of modeling that involves using the body as line and form. I explain a basic technique of learning how to find a pose that shows off the clothes and/or the models figure in an awesome way, and then working the position of head, angles of the face, facial expressions, and ¬†hand details to produce a variety of choices for the client.

Kathryn really enjoyed thinking about the expressionism of modeling and using her face and body to evoke different moods and effects in conjunction with my ideas about background color and lighting.

I was amazed at the depth of Kathryn’s expressive possibilities. Already at the age of only 17 she has the look in her eyes of an old soul. Her quality of ¬†compassion and understanding seems to come from a connection to many past lives.

Anyone interested in booking Kathryn can contact Linda Wisch at Plaza 7 Models in King of Prussia.