Fashion Model Portfolio Martina Delgado


Fashion model portfolio Marina Delgado

is the start to an exciting career as a model. She has been featured as a Cover model, and has appeared in local theater Shows and beauty pageants.  In addition to being a  model, Martina also excels at acting. During the photo shoot, she was amazingly creative. Many do not realize how important creativity is for modeling. A great model is also a kind of artist who uses her body as design. Great fashion photography is always a result of the combined creative talents of the photographer, makeup artist, stylist and of course the fashion model. Fashion models need to understand the meaning of the clothing. They need to be able to work with what the clothing is trying to say. They need to understand what the person who wears the fashion item wants to express about their lifestyle. Fashion photography must capture the meaning of the design. A good fashion photographer needs to express the maximum emotion that the clothing and the model together are capable of. Fashion model portfolios are always a delight for photographers fascinated by the capture of beauty. When you work with a beautiful model, a great makeup artist, and clothing designed by a talented designer, you have the possibility or one could say all the ingredients of a beautiful photograph. The technical skill of the fashion photographer and the imagination of the fashion photographer play the role of combining and integrating the elements of fashion into an extraordinary fashion photograph. Creating the

fashion model portfolio Martina Delgado

was a most enjoyable photography assignment. The way she moved and how she thought about the locations we utilized was the mark of a truly talented model. Fashion photography on location is quite challenging compared with fashion photography in studio because there a more variables. You can find more examples on the Church Street Studios LLC  web site. Go to <> and click on fashion beauty model portfolios.