Fashion Photography Forman Mills Fall Winter 2014

Fashion Photography for Forman Mills Fall Winter 2014

Fashion photography for forman mills Fall Winter collection was a big project filled with new people, new fashions, and  new location concepts.  Once again the shoot ran for two days, one day on location and another day on the more traditional Forman Mills studio fashion photography on white seamless paper. The new look incorporates location fashion concepts that are edgy, urban and all about real people with a fall winter theme.

The fashion photography for forman mills was shot at Church Street Studios in Old City Philadelphia. We have been fortunate enough to be shooting for Forman Mills for over 10 years. Prior to the photo sessions we have a whole day of casting at Church Street Studios LLC. This is one of the great advantages of having a studio conveniently located near the public transportation routes including bus and subway. We interviewed models from all the local casting and modeling agencies. The Forman Mills team picked out approximately 15 models for the actual photo sessions.

Fashion photography is usually more challenging on location rather than in studio. As a photographer you have a much broader range of possibility with the streets of Philadelphia as your palette. On location, difficulties often arise from working with a team of creatives that all have their idea of what background to use and what angle to shoot from. The challenge for me is to maintain my patience as I  try to explain to team members who are not photographers that certain locations just don’t work because of the light.

With fashion location shooting, tying in meaningful background motifs that fit the mood of the clothing is one of the objectives. Finding the right lighting scenario is another. Satisfying one’s own aesthetic taste along with the artistic inclinations of the other team members is always the creative aim I take here at Church Street Studios in Old City Philadelphia for over 25 years.