Fitness Model Portfolio


Fitness model portfolio

shoots are designed to show the model’s strength and attractiveness as an athlete. It is not about the style and poise of fashion model portfolios, nor is it about the character type portrayal of commercial model portfolios. The body structure of fitness models need not be imaged as thin and long. This is more the case with fashion model types. Also the character looks and real life scenarios that help define commercial models is also not quite the aim.

The fitness mode needs to appear proud of his or her body. The fitness model portfolio photographer must express that pride and satisfaction in a way that is beautiful, sexy, and strong.

It should be clear to everyone that being fit and being sexy are harmonious, synergistic, and universally desirable. It makes sense therefore that the fitness model photographer include not only athletic images but also some provocative ones as well.

At Church Street Studios we aim to connect our model portfolios with the real world. We believe that the possibilities for a model’s success lie in the real world, and therefore the portfolio we create as model portfolio photographers in Philadelphia should have a feeling of reality. We try to create drama and interest without photoshopped effects. We want our model portfolios to look as real as possible.

Fitness model portfolios have become much more popular in the last 5 years as more and more people become interested in working out and putting more interest and effort into becoming healthy and strong. Smoking has become anathema. The growing fitness scene is beginning to erode the absurd image of smoking as sexy. We as model portfolio photographers typically eschew images of models with cigarettes. It is considered retro and degraded. Model agencies discourage the use of cigarettes in model portfolios. 15 years ago this was not the case. At least some things are moving in the right direction.