Forman Mills Fall Winter Fashion 2013

Fashion Photography for Forman Mills

Fashion photography for forman mills is always a big project filled with new people, new fashions, and new ideas for the fashion photography involved. This year we decided to spend a whole day on location images and another whole day on the more traditional Forman Mills studio fashion photography on white seamless paper. The new look incorporates location fashion concepts that are edgy, urban and all about real people.

The fashion photography for forman mills was shot at Church Street Studios in Old City Philadelphia. We have been fortunate enough to be shooting for Forman Mills for over 10 years. This year we had a whole day of casting at Church Street Studios LLC prior to booking the models. We interviewed quite a few who were mostly very capable fashion models. The Forman Mills team picked out approximately 12 models for the actual video ad.

Fashion photography is always more fun on location rather than in studio. As a photographer you have a much broader range of possibility walking the streets of Philadelphia. We go into restaurants, uncrowed at that particular hour of the day.

Some of the complexities of fashion photography on location involve the weather and the cooperation of people one encounters on a location shoot. At one point we were trying to shoot in a public parking lot and the attendant became agitated because he thought we were going to interfere with his business. We explained that we would only be doing photography for a very short time and would certainly move to accommodate his business needs. He was reluctant at first but then finally acquiesced.