Headshots for Actor Sarah Mezzanotte

Headshots for Actor Sarah Mezzanotte is always great fun. I have photographed Sarah as a young girl, a teenager, and now as a beautiful young woman. She has an amazing range of expression. I try to chose ways of photographing her that bring out the special range of possibilities that make her most effective as an actress. I do this by carefully selecting backgrounds and lighting that support the emotional energy that Sarah wants to manifest and portray with each outfit.

Sarah Mezzanotte grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is currently a senior at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she has studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and the Stonestreet Conservatory.

She has appeared in numerous plays and short indie films. She is always bright and cheerful. Her energy is pure, and she radiates the vitality and hope that should be the qualities of all young men and women her age.

Sadly in this age of angst, drugs, and alcohol, the youth of our society seem already jaded and fading into the sadness and darkness that one is more accustomed to experiencing with people in the twilight of their lives, having been beaten by the hardship and loss that time can levy.

Sarah is a bright star. If she can stay unaffected by the madness of the age, she will likely have a very happy and successful life.

At Church Street Studios we take actor headshots seriously. We see headshots for actors as an art form that has a special function. Not only should the headshot be beautiful and harmonious as a visual image, but it also must be real, and show the actor as he or actually appears on a good day. Finally it must function to bring out the range of expression of the actor so that casting people have a good sense of the actor’s emotional impact from the purely visual point of view.