Jemika’s First Model Portfolio Session

Jemika’s First Model Portfolio Session was a great learning experience for her. She had practiced her poses well, and with a little direction did a great job.

These first sessions, when a young girl is exploring being a model, should give her a chance to experiment with poses and to try and be as creative as possible. Direction is necessary but it is important not to stifle exploration. It is necessary to be as encouraging as possible and still make corrections when the pose is totally not working.

Jemika had an impressive array of poses and moves for someone as young and inexperienced as she was. She was also very confident in front of the lens and really had fun making up new poses and expressions. I encouraged her to play and try new things.

The portfolio was shot at Church Street Studios in Old City, and yes those are bamboo trees behind her, but we didn’t have to travel any further south than the back patio of the studio to find them.