Fitness Products for Advertising

Product Photography of Fitness Products for Advertising is a category of photography that  comes under the heading of Commercial Photography. In product photography, lighting is the key to making the image, and thereby the product, sell. We use creative lighting to convey the feeling or lifestyle situation associated with the object being photographed. Great product photography is always in demand. Product photography is more difficult and demanding that many other genres of photography. It typically requires a studio, professional lighting equipment, and the knowledge of  how to use it. It is not a form of photography that inexperienced startup Philadelphia photographers can easily handle as they do with actor headshots and model portfolios. Product photography with models requires not only skill with the lighting of objects, but also the knowledge and motivational skills to work with.

When models are used to advertise a product, the photographer has to be clear about how the model relates to the object. The model has to be relevant to the object and somehow demonstrate the object’s desirability and usefulness. Shooting products alone without models is usually more of a documentary display. Putting a model into the photo with product is a means of creating drama. Product photography with models at Church Street Studios LLC  is something that comes quite naturally. Joe Chielli has a long history of fashion photography and model portfolio photography along with extensive experience with product photography of  a wide variety of objects. Combining the skill set developed with fashion photography and model portfolio photography with the skill set developed with product photography adds up to a competent ease in the creation of exciting photographic images of products with models.

In the portfolio of Fitness Products for Advertising shown above, the client was Lifefitness, a major manufacturer of top fitness machines and devices. This was all location photography.