Model Actor Portfolio for Sarah

In the Model Actor Portfolio for Sarah it is difficult to decide whether to think of Sarah more as an actor or as a model. She has the deep expressiveness of an actress, and the  long legs and slender grace of a model. This

Model actor portfolio for Sarah

includes fashion photography and actor headshots that come together in this mini portfolio in which only two outfits produce a world of fashion. In the area of people photography, understanding the best style of image creation to fulfill the aims and dreams of the performer you are working with is essential. The approach to the photography of a model has to be different from the approach to photography of an actor. For actors the headshot is critical. Actors get hired largely on the expressiveness of their features and on the character type they can best represent.  Models on the other hand, get hired for the physical structure of their bodies and face. With models, the type of fashion concepts they can most readily pull off is important to demonstrate. Truly creative model portfolios show the lines of the body as well as fashion looks that are compatible with the nature of the model being photographed. Model actor portfolios are an area of photography that has become very popular. At Church Street Studios we have over 25 years of experience with model actor portfolios for talent like Sarah Meyers. We understand the difference between a model portfolio and an actor portfolio, or simply a basic actor headshot. Model portfolios must show a number of different fashion looks. Fashion looks should be current fashion and appropriate for the model. Actor portfolios should portray character studies. They should show the range of character portrayal with interesting images mostly of the headshot genre. Model actor portfolios need to bridge the divide between acting and modeling and somehow pull together the best of both world for the talent being photographed.