Model Portfolio for Nick

Model Portfolio for Nick Gavin was a first time photography experience for Nick who is just beginning to explore his potential as a model. Nick has a gentle, refined, youthful innocence to his look that takes on a special intrigue when I explored his rogue look.

I like working with new aspiring models because it gives me a chance to teach. Nick really caught on fast and with a little direction we came up with a portfolio that made him look like a total professional. Although the images selected represent 13 out of over 150 shots you can get a sense of how the shoot progressed.

The portfolios displayed on the Church Street Studios LLC’s web site are unique in that they are actually presentations of real jobs. Most photography web sites display portfolio by selecting unrelated images picked from the many different jobs or sessions that the photographer feels are his best efforts in the genre. Rather than selecting out our best ever images from years of shooting, we try to show you something real and truly useful in helping you decide if you approve of the way we approach the concept of image making in all the areas of commercial photography that we cover.

At Church Street Studios LLC, Kristine and I take a bold approach and really show you how we shoot. We don’t just pick the best shots over the course of our careers. We show you the actual results that satisfied our customers.

To give you a little more info about Nick you might be interested to know that Nick is 16 years old and attends high school outside of Philadelphia. He is an animal lover by nature and has volunteered at various animal shelters, showing animals for adoptions, and nurturing them for socialization. He has loved animals ever since he can remember. He still remembers the first time he visited the Central Park Zoo in New York and the Philadelphia Zoo during Christmas time when he was still a toddler.  His second love is for the outdoors. He has travelled to Coast Rica to help build a bridge for a small village in order to make it easier for children to reach school. In the summer of 2015, he is scheduled to return to Costa Rica to work on a project that focuses on Pacific Coast preservation.  In addition to his love for travel, Nick works as a lifeguard in the summer, and loves spending time at the beach with his family and friends. He enjoys swimming, kayaking and playing beach volleyball.  Above all, Nick loves being around people and finds it easy to make friends and develop new acquaintances.