Model With Product Mother & Daughter With Contact Info

Model With Product Mother & Daughter With Contact Info was a location photography session done for internet advertising of kitchen products. It was shot for Premium Home Products. The client wanted a mother daughter pair of models to pose exchanging holiday gifts in a kitchen setting. They wanted alternative shots of the mother giving the products as gifts to the daughter, as well as the daughter giving gifts to the mother.

Church Street Studios LLC not only handled the location scouting and booking, but the model search as well. We were able to come up with a real mother and daughter team who were delightful to work with. Our range of services included the photography, creative consultations with the client, and art direction of the models.

This is what commercial photography is all about in the new age of multimediography. If you are interested in booking this mother-daughter team, they are independent. Contact Loralie the mother at:   609-332-3959