Pearl Properties Architectural Interiors

Pearl Properties Architectual Interiors was a photography assignment of Church Street Studios designed to show some of the real estate portfolio of Pearl Properties Inc. one of Philadelphia’s largest real estate companies. In addition to photography of the architectural exteriors we also photographed model apartments in certain buildings to be used as advertisement for real estate rentals.

Before digital photography, the vast majority of photos used to market real estate for sale and for rent was created by professional photographers. The film media used was typically transparency film, slides, 2 1/4, and even 4 x 5 film that had to be exposed within a narrow range to look good. Exposing transparency film correctly required knowledge of how to use light meters, understanding of color temperatures, and the ability to shoot polaroids and interpret them correctly for exposure and composition. I did most of my architectural work with Hasselblad cameras and lens. They were wonderful to use, all mechanical spring mechanisms, no electronic black box bullshit. They were solid, reliable, and no need for batteries. There was however a need for experience and technical competence.

With the dawn of digital photography a new age of image making was born. Technically good photos were possible to shoot with little or no knowledge of even the basics of photography. Shutter speeds, f-stops, equivalent exposures, incident light readings, reflective light readings, light meters…all of the craft of image making suddenly became irrelevant. What this meant for the real estate business was that the images of all the properties up for sale or rent could be captured by the folks that worked in the office, or the interior designers themselves, or students etc.

Although initially it was a relief not to have to pay a professional photographer to capture advertising images for real estate, it soon became apparent that images created by professionals were typically much more effective at moving the properties than the ones created by non-professionals.

As 2014 begins and the real estate industry rebounds from recession, realtors are beginning to compete with each other with growing intensity. The stakes are high, and once again they are looking for professional photographers to create the images to move their businesses ahead. Church Street Studios is ready to fill that need with image creation for real estate that has  the technical and aesthetic excellence of a professional calibre at a price point that reflects the realities of the digital age.

Joe Chielli of Church Street Studios LLC actually began his career over 25 years ago in the area of commercial architectural photography. He apprenticed with  some of Philadelphia’s top architectural photographers as an assistant after first graduating from Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in 1988.