Personal Photos for Alina

Personal Photos for Alina was a photo session that essentially followed the approach of a model portfolio in quality and style, but Alina is not a model. She is a top sales rep with a major pharmaceutical company. Alina likes to have fun in front of the camera. She appreciates professional quality photographs. In this session we were also documenting some of her favorite places in the art museum neighborhood of Philadelphia where she has lived for over 5 years.

“Personal Photography” is a genre of photography that has exploded with the easy use of digital cameras. It is photography that has a documentary quality, and gives expression to a person’s interests and  life style without any commercial motive.  The vast majority of personal photography is amateur in execution, composition, and technical quality,  but still manages to be expressive.

Lately, as social media has become inundated with  “personal photography” shot by amateurs, there has been a growing interest is having professional photographers document people’s personal lives with style and technical quality that gives a uniqueness to the presentation of one’s existence.

The “Personal Photography” that we do at Church Street Studios falls into the category of model portfolios. We typically shoot the documentation on location with the the combined stylistic eye of fashion photography, as well as event photography. We strive to bring out the beauty and interest of a person’s individual life by thinking creatively about the spaces, colors, and forms that comprise how they live.