Personal Photos Model Portfolio Session for Tara’s Graduation

Personal Photos Model Portfolio Session for Tara’s Graduation was based on Tara’s special appreciation for being in nature, and her love for world travel. Tara opted to shoot with a professional photographer because she wanted something special for her graduation images. The ubiquitous selfie images were apparently beginning to have a major yawn factor for her, (for me too). We talked first about some of the things Tara appreciates most, trying to get a feeling for what kinds of images would be most expressive of who she is and how she feels about life.

It became clear that Tara loves being outdoors in nature, and is very interested in travel. As a photographer, I relish the creative moment when all the pieces are on the table and you have to assemble the mosaic.

The first series of selected images feels like hiking the cliffs of Dover (well sort of)…those shots were taken right behind the studio, with 2nd and Market street humming in the background. It’s all about what the camera sees. Shooting from the lower angle on the full length shot really made it seem like she is in nature, no clues of urban world, and the angle makes it seem like she’s on a hill.

For the second look we traveled to Cuba, courtesy of my wonderful friends and neighbors at Cuba Libre Restaurant who let me shoot on the second floor. (Great food and ambiance there, by the way).

It was great fun doing the Basic Model Portfolio Session with Tara and her mom Jane. We are actually related. They are from the Talarico side of my family. My father was a Chielli who married my mom, a Talarico. Of course, given that Jane and Tara are both so beautiful, I am sorry to say it’s impossible to see any resemblance.