Philly Fashion Fun – Forman Mills – Spring Location Shoot 2014

Fashion Photography at Church Street Studios took the form of model portfolio sessions on location with the recent Philly Fashion Fun Forman Mills Spring Location Shoot of 2014. It was exciting, challenging, and fun all at the same time. The weather was sunny, on the cool side, and very windy the day we set about shooting through the best of the new Forman Mills 2014 spring collection. Wind is always a challenge for fashion photographers because of the hair and the clothes that can quickly become too messy and out of control for the right editorial look.  It places special demands on the photographer to keep checking the hair and clothes in addition to the pose, lighting, and background.

On a calm and windless set, you check the hair and clothes once and they tend to stay the same, allowing you to concentrate more on the model’s facial expressions and moves, and how they best compliment the clothing. When it’s windy, the hair and clothes change every moment. If the fashion photographer gets too concentrated on the pose and facial expression sometimes you can shoot a whole series of images that don’t work because of some unacceptable position of the clothing that suddenly blew into that shape after you started shooting. Fashion photography, although a form of commercial photography that allows for a lot of creativity and flexibility,  always requires of the photographer that he or she make the clothes look good.

The nice thing is that the neighborhood of Church Street Studios in Old City has a myriad of background options within a short walking distance. That easily allowed us to change backgrounds after going back to the studio for new fashion changes.

Also because I have worked out of Church Street Studios for over 25 years, I am familiar with all the different natural lighting scenarios allowing me t0 set up shots quickly without portable flash, especially for the casual urban look that is becoming the trade mark of Forman Mills.

Casting is of course on of the most essential steps in producing a fashion photography product for advertising. At Church Street Studios LLC we provide our fashion clients with casting by organizing the casting sessions at our studio and drawing from all the top local agencies including our own and, talent directories that were developed by Church Street Studios LLC to facilitate the kinds of castings that are necessary in order to obtain the perfect product look.

In-studio castings is one of the capabilities that sets Church Street Studios LLC apart from the competition. We have been working with talent for 25 years and have the kind of reputation that means when we have a casting, the talent shows up. Fashion photography not only depends on the technical and creative skills of the photographer, but also on the competence, the look, and the creative energies of the models. One simply cannot rely on web photos and comp cards when selecting talent. The best way is always, without exception, to meet the talent face to face, request that they pose, move, demonstrate a level of professionalism that reassures the client they will show up on the day of the photo session.