Portraits of a Poetess – Rachel Blum

Portraits of a Poetess – Rachel Blum  is a series of photographic portraits for use on the poet’s website to coincide with the mood of her poems. Rachel is about to launch a new web site and has posted the following comment to friends and fans on facebook:

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has read my poems here on Facebook, some of you who have been sharing words and life with me over more than thirty years, and others who have so graciously offered me such rich connection more recently. Your generous listening and kindness gave inspiration to a website project, and creating it has brought me a lot of happiness. I hope that you will enjoy visiting the site. Please share it with anyone who might find it meaningful. Thanks so very deeply for your support and friendship.

Special thanks for contributions, Michael Sells, Yahia Lababidi, Nigel Gore, Dawn Potter, David Rull, Tullio DeSantis, Vasily Kafanov, Michael Erlewine, Joe Chielli, Wally Hayman, Simon Appleby.


Here is a small sampling of Rachel’s work:


The angels have been available for centuries.
A name in the time it takes
To dream walk your home sea.
(A water like clouds
and a cloud like moss
and moss like
a love.)
In a circle for a child
a couple of people asked for them,
even named the wing joint.
The ligaments
a conceptual lace,
and whole body hush,
just when it’s night and
all night the darkness said no
and not really and
I can’t find you –
If love is always
a rediscovered one,
war too must be
relocated binding,
When we part
the grasses of the earth
that are our mother’s hair
and find a scar of place,
A vulnerable site,
the bell shape of a
grief that always
returns to ringing.
Maybe this is as far as the conversation goes.
You tell me a story and I draw
The dot-to-dot of loss and
You say Let’s stop now.
I say Okay and you send over
A rainbow box of markers.
I draw a couple
Of stars in my palm and
We hold hands for awhile.
And our hand are
The two shells at
The beginning of this pearl.