Product Photography On Models for Auria LLC

Product Photography On Models for Auria LLC focused on the companies extraordinary audio equipment for runners. Auria has a variety of products that dramatically improve the audio quality and telecom connectivity for athletes and especially runners.

The earphones are extremely comfortable. From the first use, you will notice a major difference. The “Exceed Earphones” come with different “eco-rings” to size them properly for your ear. Major plus! If you have small ears it doesn’t feel like you have something stuffed in there. They also sit in your ear a little differently than regular earphones. They are designed so that the earphones sit directly at the openings of the ear canals. They aren’t stuffed into your ear. This helps to not totally block out the external sounds like other earphones tend to do. You can imagine experiencing  the benefit of this first hand if on a morning run some dog comes charging at you from behind. Even if you have your music turned up, you can still hear the dog coming. These earphones can save you from what could be a super bad encounter with dogs, people, cars, and bicyclists.

You will greatly appreciate that there is a toggle switch on the front of the earphones so that you can turn the volume up and down easily (major plus for when the iPod is stored securely in a pouch). There’s also a button that you can answer calls with if you have it connected to your iPhone.

The models were great to work with. They were booked through Reinhard Agency in Philadelphia.