Singer Song Writer Joe Kaplow

Singer Song Writer Joe Kaplow is an original, sensitive new voice in the world of pop music with a message for the age that’s not only about social activism. Joe’s songs have a way of celebrating life by pointing out the expressive meaning of some of the simplest everyday aspects of being alive. But in many of his songs he expresses concern about the violent drift of society in a materialistic world driven all the more frantically by a technology that has gone well beyond making life more user friendly.

Joe is concerned about the alcoholism and drug abuse so rampant in his generation. He sees clearly beyond the stupidity and superficiality of instant self-gratification. He realizes, in a way that is almost Epicurean, that  happiness and pleasure is something that takes true self-discipline to achieve. The quick fixes eventually lead to sorrow and unnecessary suffering.

Because Kaplow is a musician with something to say besides “my baby left me…let’s get high”, the photography had to express the deeper side of his nature and show the sensitivity characteristic of his songs. The photos needed to be consistent with the fact that he’s a graduate of Berklee College of Music and a person that meditates and writes poetry and someone who, although young, has traveled throughout the country and knows a lot more about life than most people twice his age.