SMR Awards Ceremony at The National Constitution Center


SMR Awards Ceremony at The National Constitution Center

The Society of Melanoma Research (SMR) Ceremony event was held at The National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  The SMR Awards Ceremony at the national constitution Center is an important event that involves photography of some of the most important scientists in the world working on a cure for cancer. The National Constitution Center is a magnificent venue for events such as this. The scale of the space and the open airy quality created by the extensive use of glass for walls gives a sense of infinity. The design is intelligent and contemporary  and seems to support the mission of these scientists. The statues were fun to work with in connection with the guests and their interactions. It was like having the ghosts of great Americans listening in on the conversations with great interest in an attempt to update their understanding of the most recent breakthroughs in melanoma research.

The awards ceremony was fun for all the folks in attendance with good food,  music and dance. We try to capture the emotional energy of and event first and foremost. We also pay close attention to the detailed documentation of what is occurring, including awards, speeches, and dining, prizes, and the casual interaction of the guests.

At Church Street Studios, event photography is something that we have years of experience with. We are careful to research the company whose event we are covering in order to best understand the kinds of  images that might best promote the corporate culture and mission.

We also provide video coverage of corporate events.

Meeting Highlights

  • Presentations focusing on the following topics
    • Molecular Epidemiology
    • Drug Resistance
    • Biomarkers
    • Pigmentation UV/DNA Repair
    • Combination Therapy
    • Immunotherapy
    • Targeted Therapies in Melanoma
    • Genomics
    • Public and Private Partnerships
    • TME and Metastasis
    • Heterogeneity
  • Awards Ceremony at the National Constitution Center
  • 6th Annual Melanoma Pathology Symposium of the International Melanoma Pathology Working Group
  • A workshop on Emerging Research in Uveal Melanoma and Implications for Treatment
  • Women in Science Luncheon
  • Much more to come!