Trends in the World of Business Portraiture – JP Medical Publishers Inc.

Trends in the World of Business Portraiture – JP Medical Publishers Inc.

The work, we present in this post, reflects the latest trending in the genre of portraiture for small businesses. At Church Street Studios we recognize that the style and tone by which a small business is represented to the world of commerce, needs to be different from the style and tone used to present large corporations.

With respect to marketing, there is a distinct psychological advantage that small businesses have over large corporations. It has to do with intimacy, accountability, responsiveness, and concern. Large corporations, as much as they try to convince the consumer otherwise, are seen and felt to be anonymous, impersonal, cold and uncaring due to the sense of alienation that consumers feel when confronted by a vast network of unknown personnel that function like the infinite hidden bureaucracy in Kafka’s The Trial.

Small businesses are able to appeal to the model of “the family”, a social unit that, when not dysfunctional, operates with a unity of purpose, responsiveness, care, and concern that has a reassuring effect.

We take all this into consideration in our creative consultations and photography sessions. For small businesses we advise the use of environmental portraits. Each member of the company is photographed with a unique background to emphasize their individuality. The lighting and camera work are soft and gentle to create a feeling of intimacy and warmth.

With companies of less than 10 people, we tend to encourage a group shot to evoke a sense of familial connection. However,

we feel that group shots with more than 10 people tend to be counter productive. The faces in large group portraits are typically too small to read accurately. This creates the impression of a faceless army of people, impersonal, and incapable of providing the one-on-one care that every customer secretly longs for.

It was a great pleasure working with Joe Rusko and his team in the Philadelphia office. They seem to have a deep sense of commitment to the goals of the company and to each other.

JP Medical is committed to publishing information relevant to the medical professional and student at realistic prices with clarity of text, design, and purpose .

They publish over 350 new health science books and journals every year written by authors drawn from international centers of excellence, and specifically designed to communicate knowledge in structured and accessible formats for medical and dental professionals at all stages of their career.

Established in 2010, JP Medical is the exclusive distributor of Jaypee Brothers books, journals and online services in Europe, the Middle East and North America, and also publishes new titles from authors in these regions.

In 2014, JP Medical published over 35 new titles for the undergraduate, postgraduate, and specialist markets, with an even larger number being published for 2015.

With a belief in personal author contact, and detailed editorial development, JP Medical welcomes proposals from new and established authors. The company reviews and responds promptly to new publishing propositions, usually within fourteen days of submission.