ValumaxUSA Medical and Biohazard Fashion Photography

ValumaxUSA medical and biohazard fashion photography delivers some new colors and fabrics for fall 2014. ValumaxUSA is  one of the world’s largest sellers of medical attire and biohazard clothing. These jump suites and jackets may not make it down the runways of Milan, Paris, and New York, but they will certainly brighten up the hallways and treatment centers of hospitals and clinics around the world.

Shooting this type of attire with models presents some interesting questions and creative challenges. For example, what kind of models are best to cast for a session like this? Should they be “real people” looking,  or model types looking attractive and trim.

What age should they be? Should they look like sage doctors and clinicians, young energetic interns and care givers, fit orderlies, or brilliant surgeons. Remember that we are selling clothing, and we don’t have a budget to go on location to a hospital (that would have been really interesting).

The background and demeanor of the models in a medical fashion photography shoot is just as psychologically important as it is with all other forms of  fashion photography when models are involved. So what kind of expression should the models have? Should it be serious like the medical issues that practitioners in the field so often face. Should it be smiling, happy faces, or how about provocative and mysterious looks that suggest something more than basic patient care.

Should the models be looking on camera and making a statement about being a person with a mood and a personality, or off camera to take attention away from themselves and leave the viewer more totally aware
of the attire.

These are all interesting questions that make fashion photography at Church Street Studios always
fascinating. Of course the approach must be decided upon with careful consideration of the client’s opinions.  I look for as much input as possible with respect to the nature of their buyers and what would be most appealing to them.

If you look through the selected portfolio you will see how these fashion photography questions were answered here at Church Street Studios in Old City Philadelphia PA.